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Barnard campus aerial, 1933 Barnard campus aerial, 1933

Aerial view of Barnard College buildings (including Barnard Hall, Brooks Hall, Hewitt Hall, Milbank Hall, Brinkerhoof Hall, and Fiske Hall) ...

Basketball at Radcliffe College. Basketball at Radcliffe College.

Three students playing basketball in the gym at Radcliffe College. ...

College Government College Government

Eleanor Wilcox '34?, Chief Justice; Eleanor Tarr '35, Chief Justice-elect?; Nan Ellen '35, President-elect; Rose Rumford '34, President of C...

College Government College Government

Back row: K. Waldo '35, Recording Secretary of College Government; Constance Bennett '34; Sarah Suppler '33, Chairman of House Presidents' C...

General view of Merion green on Big May Day 1932 General view of Merion green on Big May Day 1932

General view of Big May Day festivities, maypoles, and maypole dancing, on Merion green, 1932. Stamped on back: "International News Photo...

Golf Team Golf Team

Marie-Luise Houston, Charlotte Bear, Melita Holly, Jeanette Myers....

Greek Games Dance, 1933 Greek Games Dance, 1933

Dance performance practice for the Barnard College Greek Games in 1933....

Greek Games Discus, 1932 Greek Games Discus, 1932

Discus at the Barnard College Greek Games in 1932....

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