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  • Years: 1930 – 1930
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Barnard Hall parlor, circa 1930s Barnard Hall parlor, circa 1930s

Students seated around the fireplace in parlor, Barnard Hall, circa 1930s...

Eclipse of the Sun Eclipse of the Sun

Students viewing a solar eclipse from the Wellesley Observatory, April 28, 1930....

Eclipse of the Sun Eclipse of the Sun

Six students and professor standing by a telescope. April 28, 1930....

Fire Chief and Captains Fire Chief and Captains

Dorothy Upjohn '32, Marion Chase '32, Katherine Carrier '32, Virginia Macomber '31, Chief, Florence Smith '32, Helen Buck '32, Mildred Adell...

Float Float

Float Night. Date unknown....

Greek Games, 1930 Greek Games, 1930

A photograph of the Barnard College Greek Games in 1930....

Hoop Rolling Hoop Rolling

Louise Schmidt, winner of Hoop Rolling, and Mary Multer, Class President, pose with hoop and bouquet....

Hoop Rolling Hoop Rolling

Students process between lines of seniors with their hoops. Printed in reverse....

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