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Greek Games Entrance, 1931 Greek Games Entrance, 1931

Entrance with the huntsman (for both classes) at the Barnard College Greek Games in 1931....

Heads of Student Government at Women's Colleges Heads of Student Government at Women's Colleges

Past and present heads of student government in the five leading women's colleges meet for annual Five College Conference at Mount Holyoke C...

Hoop Rolling Hoop Rolling

Eight student (four in academic regalia) pose with hoops on Severance Green....

Hoop Rolling Hoop Rolling

Senior president (Betty Granger) presenting bridal bouquet to winner of hooproll (Emily Mitchell)....

Hoop Rolling Hoop Rolling

Students in academic regalia roll hoops down Tower Court Hill. May 1, 1931....

Janet Wien McAllister scrapbook, 1931-1935 Janet Wien McAllister scrapbook, 1931-1935

Ruth Janet Wien McAllister was a member of the Radcliffe College Class of 1935. Her scrapbook contains McAllister's acceptance letter to Ra...

Students eating outdoors Students eating outdoors

Four students in Bettws-y-Coed Garden, punch bowl, cups, and cupcakes on table. ...

Students on Bicycles Students on Bicycles

Freshmen attending Opening Exercises. Class of 1935. Sept. 27, 1931....

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