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Ordway, Katherine Gretta. Diary, 1911-1912 Ordway, Katherine Gretta. Diary, 1911-1912

VC 1913,1911-1912: Detailed daily entries from February of Ordway's junior year to January of her senior year at Vassar College. Ordway d...

Ordway, Katherine Gretta. Diary, 1912-1913 Ordway, Katherine Gretta. Diary, 1912-1913

Entries every day. Ordway details her experiences at Vassar College between January of her junior year and May of her senior year. Her ac...

Pollock, Mary (Culver).  Diary, 1913-1917 Pollock, Mary (Culver). Diary, 1913-1917

Pollock's "line-a-day" diary, kept during her last year of high school and her four years at Vassar (1913-1917). Each day in the journal ...

Pratt, Mary (Morris). Letters, 1874, 1877-1880 Pratt, Mary (Morris). Letters, 1874, 1877-1880

8 letters from Mary Pratt to her mother, one dated Nov. 1874 and the remaining seven between April 1877 and May 1880. The 1874 letter recou...

Quigley, Elizabeth. Letter, n.d. Quigley, Elizabeth. Letter, n.d.

1 letter from Quigley (VC 1918) to her family members "Papa" and "Margery." Quigley reports that organizations are attempting to sell Libert...

Radium Radium

Photograph of a woman in costume as the element Radium for the Mount Holyoke College 75th Anniversary Pageant. ...

Raymond, Susan. Diary, 1864 Raymond, Susan. Diary, 1864

Daily entries by Raymond from November to December of 1864, followed by literary quotations, followed by selected writings produced by Raymo...

Schmitt, Dorothy (Prentiss). Letter, 1918 Schmitt, Dorothy (Prentiss). Letter, 1918

1 typed copy of a letter from Schmitt (VC 1920) to her mother about the 1918 fire at Vassar College. Schmitt describes the fire as resulting...

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