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Annie Jump Cannon, '84 Annie Jump Cannon, '84

Student Annie Jump Cannon looks through a telescope outside College Hall. Date unknown....

Astronomy Astronomy

Four unknown students pose with a telescope....

Astronomy Astronomy

Seven students seated at a table....

Astronomy Astronomy

Astronomy students gathered around a table....

Astronomy courses at Radcliffe College. Astronomy courses at Radcliffe College.

Two Radcliffe College students looking at globes.  Inscription: Caption: The next step is the solving of an actual astronomical prob...

Astronomy Department Astronomy Department

A graduate student in astronomy observing sunspots with spectrohelioscope. The solar image is reflected by mirrors from the roof of the Whit...

Eclipse of the Sun Eclipse of the Sun

Six students and professor standing by a telescope. April 28, 1930....

Eclipse of the Sun Eclipse of the Sun

Students viewing a solar eclipse from the Wellesley Observatory, April 28, 1930....

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