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Alpha Kappa Chi Play Alpha Kappa Chi Play

Helen Andrews, Class of 1919, as Iphigenia; Elizabeth Pickett, Class of 1918, as Orestes. Date unknown....

Forensic Burning Forensic Burning

Events pertaining to "Forensic Burning", perhaps the "Ghost Walk". Juniors were required to take a full year debate course, known as Forens...

Pease, Helen Hartley. Diary, 1915-1919 Pease, Helen Hartley. Diary, 1915-1919

This line a day, five-year memory book chronicles most of Helen Pease's four years at Vassar, beginning in January of her freshman year. ...

Quigley, Elizabeth. Letter, n.d. Quigley, Elizabeth. Letter, n.d.

1 letter from Quigley (VC 1918) to her family members "Papa" and "Margery." Quigley reports that organizations are attempting to sell Libert...

Riding Riding

Josephine S. Patridge, class of 1918....

Riding Tournament Riding Tournament

Josephine S. Partridge, class of 1918....

Wellesley Farmerettes Wellesley Farmerettes

One shift of the Wellesley Farmerettes, who supported the war effort through food production in the vegetable gardens. Pictured are Botany p...

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