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DeCaindry, Ida (Corson). Letters, 1870-1872 DeCaindry, Ida (Corson). Letters, 1870-1872

3 letters from DeCaindry to her sister Helen. DeCaindry uses the familiar "thee" form to address her sister. She writes about student and ac...

DeWitt, Nettie (Brand). Letters, 1892-1894 DeWitt, Nettie (Brand). Letters, 1892-1894

12 letters from DeWitt (VC Ex 1896) to her mother, 3 to both parents, 2 to her brother, 2 to her father, and 3 addressed to the whole family...

Duncan, Doris (Bullard). Letter, 1914 Duncan, Doris (Bullard). Letter, 1914

1 letter, dated Dec 2 1914, from Duncan (VC 1917) to Mrs. Charles Culver, mother of Mary (Culver) Pollock (VC 1917). Duncan thanks Mrs. Culv...

Eaton, Esther. Letter, 1905 Eaton, Esther. Letter, 1905

1 letter, dated Apr 27 1905, in which Eaton (VC 1905) thanks "Miss Shipp" for the gift of a book. Miss Shipp is the sister of Eaton's Vassar...

Elder, Lilla (Thomas). Diary, 1866-1873 Elder, Lilla (Thomas). Diary, 1866-1873

Lilla Thomas Elder's diary documents the years 1866-1873; however, the narrative does not develop chronologically on consecutive pages. An i...

Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden). Letters, 1911-1914 Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden). Letters, 1911-1914

This collection contains 93 letters: 1 letter addressed to Eldridge's father, 1 letter to her family, 1 letter to her sisters, 1 letter to h...

Elwell, Abbie (Nickerson).  Diary, 1878-1928 Elwell, Abbie (Nickerson). Diary, 1878-1928

Her diary entries describe her arrival at Vassar, entrance examinations, and details of student life, like walks to the cider mill, gymna...

Elwell, Marion F. Letter, 1904 Elwell, Marion F. Letter, 1904

1 letter, dated March 4 1904, from Elwell (VC 1906-1907) to her family. Elwell describes a birthday party, several plays, the election of Es...

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