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Anthony, Constance E. Diary, 1915 Anthony, Constance E. Diary, 1915

Detailed daily entries, beginning in the spring of 1915 and ending in winter 1915, addressing Anthony's sophomore and junior years at Vassar...

Duncan, Doris (Bullard). Letter, 1914 Duncan, Doris (Bullard). Letter, 1914

1 letter, dated Dec 2 1914, from Duncan (VC 1917) to Mrs. Charles Culver, mother of Mary (Culver) Pollock (VC 1917). Duncan thanks Mrs. Culv...

Pollock, Mary (Culver).  Diary, 1913-1917 Pollock, Mary (Culver). Diary, 1913-1917

Pollock's "line-a-day" diary, kept during her last year of high school and her four years at Vassar (1913-1917). Each day in the journal ...

Vance, Gertrude (Pratt). Letters, 1913-197 Vance, Gertrude (Pratt). Letters, 1913-197

12 letters from Vance (VC Ex 1917) to her family, and 3 letters to Pratt. Vance's letters, written during her freshman year at Vassar Colleg...

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