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Elder, Lilla (Thomas). Diary, 1866-1873 Elder, Lilla (Thomas). Diary, 1866-1873

Lilla Thomas Elder's diary documents the years 1866-1873; however, the narrative does not develop chronologically on consecutive pages. An i...

Elwell, Abbie (Nickerson).  Diary, 1878-1928 Elwell, Abbie (Nickerson). Diary, 1878-1928

Her diary entries describe her arrival at Vassar, entrance examinations, and details of student life, like walks to the cider mill, gymna...

Gay, Mary W. Diary, 1878 Gay, Mary W. Diary, 1878

Mary Gay wrote this short diary in February, 1878, her second semester as a Preparatory Student at Vassar. In this volume, she does not disc...

Haight, Helen I. Diary, ca. 1928 Haight, Helen I. Diary, ca. 1928

This volume is a travel journal post-dating Haight's time at Vassar....

James, Fannie (Shouse). Diary, ca. 1860s-1870s James, Fannie (Shouse). Diary, ca. 1860s-1870s

From page 1 of the memoir: "Fannie [Fanny] Shouse was from Kansas City, Mo. She entered Vassar College Sept. 1869, preparatory department, a...

Judd, Dorothy (Leonard). Diary, 1917 Judd, Dorothy (Leonard). Diary, 1917

This item consists of typed extracts of Dorothy Leonard Judd's 1917 diary. Judd briefly discusses home life in Grand Rapids, Michigan; view...

Keffer, Bertha. Diary, 1876 Keffer, Bertha. Diary, 1876

VC 1876, handwritten.,This item is a collection of writings by Keffer and her classmates. It features a lengthy poem about the arrival of th...

Keffer, Bertha. Diary, Jan-Jun 1871 Keffer, Bertha. Diary, Jan-Jun 1871

Although Bertha Keffer's diary was printed with the date 1854, she wrote in it during the months of January-June 1871. Keffer generally des...

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